Outdoor Picnic Tables

• Flat-packed for delivery throughout Australia

Photo Wall
  Photo wall showing • ACQ & MicroPro-clear treated pine • Non-treated pine (sheltered use) • "Knotty" cypress

Features & FAQ's
• 50mm thick select grade timber
• Manufactured in Gippsland, Victoria
• Dressed All Round (DAR), smooth to touch
• Available sizes: 90cm, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.1m, 2.4m
• Parts cut prior to pressure treatment for optimal quality
• Treated pine available in ACQ and recently MicroPro
• Galvanised 1/2 inch bolts and stainless steel screws
• Built to provide decades of outdoors service
• Paired bolts for long term sturdiness
• Recessed bolts for safety

ACQ & MicroPro Treated Pine Picnic Tables
Pressure treatment is a cost effective means of preventing wood eating insects and decay from attacking pine. Treated pine is found worldwide in every durable application from jetties to balconies.
Treated pine picnic tables are guaranteed to last decades, and can be painted, stained, or put into service as is. ACQ and MicroPro are arsenic free, and certified safe for physical human contact.

1.5m Picnic Table MicroPro 45mm planks
1.5 metre MicroPro
Additions: • Rounded corners • Plank thickness = 45mm

1.8 Meter ACQ Treated Pine Picnic Table with Umbrella hole & Base Strut
1.8 metre ACQ
Additions: Umbrella hole • Base beam with hole

2.1 meter MicroPro Picnic Table
2.1 metre MicroPro
Additions: Umbrella hole • Base beam with hole • Rounded corners

Picnic Table ACQ Merbau Woodstain
2.4 metre ACQ
Additions: End overhang Customer stained with Cabots "Merbau" decking oil

Standard Treated Pine Flat Pack Kits
1.5 metres
1.8 metres
2.1 metres
2.4 metres

Options & Upgrades
Extra tabletop plank
End overhang 40cm
Umbrella hole with size of choice $20
Optional base beam with matching umbrella hole $50
Corners rounded $90
18mm socket spanner $10
Australia wide courier to door (average) $80
Pick-up from nearest transport depot (listed below) Free
Durable rustic "knotty" cypress species POA

Discounts & Deductions
"Loose pack" - non assembled tabletop (bolt from top style) -$90
Non treated (sheltered use) -$90
Rough-sawn (charming rustic) -$90

Dressed All Round vs Rough Sawn
Dressed All Round (DAR) timber has been moulded to produce a beautiful smooth and uniform finish. Non-treated (sheltered) Dressed All Round picnic tables showcase their natural grain appearance when sealed with lacquer.

Rough Sawn timber has a saw cut finish and may vary slightly from target size. A quick once-over with an electric sander or sandpaper block is suggested prior to painting or use.

Rough Sawn vs DAR
Rough sawn vs dressed all round

Flat Packed Picnic Tables
Tabletop and seats are factory assembled, so stage 1 of assembly begins with attaching legs. To transport your picnic table, the underframe is disassembled and the parts arranged into a flat pack kit of around a dozen separate parts. All parts are supplied cut & drilled, and assembly instructions are supplied. Fasteners are included. A reversible electric drill is recommended for assembly.

Flat packed table ready for transport
Flat packed

Extra Tabletop Plank Option
Increase overall table width by 15cm.
Extra Tabletop Plank
2.1 metre MicroPro treated pine
Additions: Extra tabletop plank

Rounded Corners Option
Combination of safety and appearance
Rounded Corners

End Overhang Option
Underframe footprint distance is reduced to provide open-end seat access, plus provision to pull up a chair. Bench seats supported further in from the ends. (Overhang distance is reduced for 1.8m tables.)

Wood Staining
"...just like mopping the floor..."
- Bunning's tutorial on staining decks

Sealing your picnic table with one of the many wood protection products available can be a rewarding maintanence step.
The best time for first coat is after your picnic table is in place and has weathered for a few weeks.

Wood staining from the factory is offered, but requires additional transport and handling, adding time and cost to this option. When requested, we opt for decking stain due to its similar application, and ease of application.

Ask for our one page guide covering what we have discovered to make wood staining your picnic table a breeze.

Preparing for Wood Stain
Factory Wood Stain Preparation.
(Unpacked to weather - post treatment, also below as stained & assembled)

2.1m Micropro Teak Stain
2.1 metre MicroPro
Additions: End overhang Umbrella hole • Base beam with hole • Cabots Intergrain "Teak" decking stain (1st coat)

Legs Outermost Option
Applied on this two-seater to provide additional legroom.

90cm Picnic Table legs outermost
90 centimetre cypress
  Legs outermost

• Please email john@easycabins.com.au with your required table size & options, and delivery location.
• Tax invoice based off of final quote is supplied upon order placement.
• We accept EFT, Credit Card, cheque, PayPal


Transport & Delivery
Option #1: Delivery To Your Door
Pricing varies depending on location, with the average rate at around $80 per unit.
Please enquire.

Option #2: Collect From Your Nearest Shipping Depot
Your flat packed picnic table can be collected for free from one of the 41 locations listed below. A forklift and driver is available to assist with loading ute or trailer.
Loose-pack picnic table kits with the option for DIY tabletop assembly can be transported by a sedan having access to the boot from the rear seat

• Villawood, 2163 • Taren Point, 2229 • Gosford, 2250 • Newcastle, 2300 • Tamworth, 2340 • Chatham, 2430 • Port Macquarie, 2444 • Coffs Harbour, 2450 • South Lismore, 2480 • Berkeley, 2506 • Batemans Bay, 2536 • Moruya Depot, 2537 • Goulburn, 2580 • Albury, 2640 • Wagga Wagga, 2650 • Orange, 2800 • Dubbo, 2830

• Hoppers Crossing, 3029 • Campbellfield, 3061 • Dandenong South, 3175 • Moolap, 3221 • Mitchell Park, 3355 • Horsham, 3400 • Mildura, 3500 • East Bendigo, 3550 • Shepparton East, 3631 • Traralgon, 3844

• Pinkenba, 4008 • Arundel, 4214 • Ipswich, 4305 • Toowoomba, 4350 • Caboolture, 4510 • Caloundra, 4551

• Kidman Park, 5025 • Clare, 5453 • Port Pirie, 5540 • Kadina, 5554 • Whyalla, 5600

• Welshpool, 6106

• Glenorchy, 7010 • Launceston, 7250

Additional Width & Further Customisation
Standard 2.4 metre cypress picnic table shown converted to dining/buffet table with the addition of 3 extra tabletop planks and bench seat removal.
Wide Custom Cypress
2.4 metre monterey cypress
• 3 extra table top planks • Standard underframe • End overhang • Base strut • Bench seats removed